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We are a small, determined team working on projects that directly impact the lives of millions of Americans and we are hiring people who care deeply about improving how government serves its people.

Government services operate at massive scale, have legacies measured in generations, and serve urgent social needs. Every day we make countless decisions that shape our ability to improve government services. We do not take these opportunities lightly, and believe strongly in stewardship – the responsibility we must take on behalf of the people we serve.

We’re thinkers and designers of civic technology. We work holistically across engineering, research, design, and operations to proactively envision the services of a better future. We build with empathy and inclusion, and as we come from many backgrounds and countries ourselves, we seek and value different perspectives. We'd love for you to come join us.

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We value our people, so everyone has a competitive salary and a stake in the company’s success with options regardless of role.

Your future

We care about your future, so we give you $2,000 a year to spend on conferences or other professional development opportunities and do 401k matching at 4%.


Your well being is important to us, so we cover 90% of medical premiums for individuals and 50% for dependents. Vision and dental premiums are fully covered.

Time off

We offer more than 30 paid days off per year – 15 vacation days, a winter holiday break, and 9 federal holidays. Sick time is unlimited and new birth, adoption, or foster parents can take 16 weeks of fully paid leave!


Navalavas just wanna have fun! We break bread at team lunches, gather for outings, and take visits to the White House.


We’ve created a flexible work environment where folks work from home when necessary, and can use up to $3,000 for work equipment.

Open positions.

Here are the types of roles we are looking to hire for. If you don’t see a position that fits you, we’d still love to talk! Feel free to send us a message at

Experienced Software Engineer

You’ll work on small teams of experienced engineers to build infrastructure for our government – designing, implementing, and delivering services that millions of Americans depend on. You’ll be responsible for building systems that are well-designed, fast, scalable, and secure.

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DevOps Engineer

You'll work on a small team to manage aspects of the systems we build: the virtual machines, operating systems, platforms, and build processes that run and maintain our application code. You'll be responsible for pushing the limits of critical systems, from billion user load tests to achieving sub-millisecond transaction times.

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You’ll work on small teams to lead the design of interactions between government agencies and the people they serve. You’ll drive ideas from concept to production, from user research to sketching to coordinating across product teams for implementation. You’ll craft digital services that set high standards in terms of simplicity, ease, and kindness.

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Experienced Software Engineer - Backend

You’ll work on small teams of experienced engineers, building our production infrastructure to be performant. You’ll be responsible for building systems that are well-designed, fast, scalable, and secure.

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Business Analyst

You'll work with our government partners and across our product and business teams to gather, analyze, and communicate a broad spectrum of requirements. You’ll paint a detailed picture of our business needs in order to ship the highest quality product.

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Business Operations Lead

You'll work with our external partners and with our internal teams to execute precisely on all business, financial, and legal fronts. You’ll be responsible for ensuring Nava’s overall business health via building sustainable, culture-conscious processes.

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Business Development Lead

You'll work with our government partners and leadership to increase our impact within our contracting, market research, and product delivery goals. You'll identify new opportunities for growth and ensure that we overdeliver the needs of our end users and government partners.

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People Operations Associate

You'll work with our People Operations team and our San Francisco office to grow and manage our SF operations. You'll identify improvements, organize events, research policies, and seek feedback to ensure that all candidates and employees have a positive experience.

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Nava is a public benefit corporation creating software that radically improves the way government serves people.

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